AGV Water Authority/Waternet join AquaMinerals collective

We are very happy to announce that the Amstel, Gooi and Vecht (AGV) Water Authority – via its Waternet organisation – has joined AquaMinerals. We see AGV/Waternet as an extraordinarily ambitious and initiative-rich organisation that embraces the power of the collective. The kind of organisation we naturally welcome among us!

We have known Waternet for many years as a participant in AquaMinerals, but only in the context of the residual streams from its drinking water activities in Amsterdam. This watercycle utility is also responsible for carrying out all the tasks of the Amstel, Gooi and Vecht Water Authority. Over the last few years we have actually collaborated with this ‘water-authority branch’ of Waternet on a project basis. We have in particular got to know each other well while collaborating on questions surrounding the disposal of struvite. This has involved not only the sale of struvite, but also – and perhaps most of all – the resolution of regulatory constraints. Now we will be (further) collaborating on finescreen screenings/cellulose, struvite, screenings, fat, WWTP sand and dewatered sludge. Plenty of challenges that we’re happy to tackle!

With the accession of AGV/Waternet the collective position of the water sector is further strengthened. This applies to the contracting of transport and other services and to the sale of materials. But, more importantly, it means that, as an expanding collective, we can (1) better innovate through research, (2) establish uniform quality criteria, (3) offer more supply assurance and (4) improve every day together by sharing knowledge.

AGV/Waternet: welcome!