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Welcome to AquaMinerals

AquaMinerals seeks destinations for the material streams that are generated in water treatment processes. In doing so, we develop suitable chains, which are then supplied and/or operated in a qualitatively high-value manner. The organisation was initially established for all drinking water companies in the Netherlands, but we have since also become active for a Belgian drinking water company and for a number of Dutch Water Authorities.

Although we were set up in 1995 to solve the ‘waste problem’, we have long ceased seeing the generated residual streams as waste, and certainly not as a problem. The current situation is that we have developed functional applications for most of the streams. So we have made great progress, both in the financial sense and in terms of sustainability.

A considerable number of materials are even bringing in money. Circular working is our ultimate objective; we can increasingly reuse the materials in processes in the water chain, or we can supply them to other circular chains.

We do not do this on our own. We work closely with our participants in research and development projects, and frequently brainstorm possible new, preferably circular, chains. Research institutes share their knowledge and thinking with us. Our service providers operate as links between supply and demand. And we examine with the clients how we can best meet their desires, and how we can organise the right, sustainable chains for them.