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Welcome to AquaMinerals

AquaMinerals is the water sector’s partnership (drinking water companies and waterboards) that give resources  from the (waste) water treatment  a second life.

But because the management of residuals was not part of the sector’s core business, in 1995, a specialist organisation was set up to do the job: AquaMinerals (before Reststoffenunie Waterleidingbedrijven). This marked the beginning of a completely different perception of residuals. Up until then, the materials just piled up all over the country. Getting rid of them was after all very costly. But by working together – for instance in research, quality management, and purchasing and sales – costs quickly came down.

The chains became transparent and efforts to increase quality and supply assurance produced results. For the environment, first and foremost. But then, gradually, the new destinations found for the residuals also became more and more attractive economically. Over the last few years the applications have become steadily more valuable.

At the end of 2015 we welcomed our first foreign participant: De Watergroep from Belgium. As of 1 January 2018, Aa and Maas became the first waterboard shareholder. These new memberships promise to be the beginning of a broader trend.

By reusing residuals, and thereby preserving the natural sources of raw materials, we’re also contributing to shrinking the water sector’s environmental footprint.