AquaMinerals invites you to take a look into our world of sustainable solutions for by-products generated during water purification. We prefer to find these destinations within the water sector itself. To achieve this, AquaMinerals develops appropriate chains, which are then operated and/or exploited in a high-quality manner.

Embark on the fascinating journey of our calcite, starting at a drinking water company where it is carefully harvested. Then, journey with it to Veghel, where the calcite is ground and dried using sustainable energy in an efficient process at Van Zutven Feed Processing. The drinking water companies that purchase this circular raw material for application in the same purification process now also benefit from a significantly improved footprint.

Discover how the ground calcite serves a wide range of sectors, including food and cosmetics, as well as producers of composite materials and carpet tiles. Additionally, there are plans to expand the use of ground calcite to a broader range of sustainable technical applications.

Watch our video and discover how AquaMinerals contributes to the circular economy and reduces the footprint of drinking water companies. Click here to watch the video.