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Innovation is of essence to us. In fact, we owe our current standing to our research, constant improvement of processes and valorisation of residual streams.

We innovate continuously and invest a significant part of our budget in research. As a result we are for instance able to develop new treatment techniques that produce new residual streams, respond to client requests for new specifications, and meet shareholder wishes in developing specific product/market combinations – for example, regionally- or sustainability-oriented ones.

In many cases we initiate innovative projects ourselves, but usually we do so in collaboration with our participants, renowned research institutes, chainpartners and/or end-users. Although our participants take the lead, in these projects we always look for partners who offer the most added value in tackling specific research questions. Of course, things fortunately often happen the other way around: we are frequently approached by others to participate in their innovative projects. Such collaborations have, over the past few years, led to the rapid and market-oriented introduction of new products and applications.