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Core values

Joint pursuit of shared interest

We can only be successful in the circular economy by collaborating with other partners in the chain. AquaMinerals connects our participants, clients and service providers. Whenever we identify an opportunity, we launch joint projects and business cases and organise (new) chains. We form a powerful collective that shares knowledge, innovates and safeguards the future.

Collectively, we benefit from:

  • Purchasing power – thanks to the clustered volumes
  • Sales power – thanks to the multi-quality offering, supply assurance and single sales channel
  • Innovation power – thanks to the bundling of knowledge and resources

Social entrepreneurship

Adding value to residuals and then marketing them successfully calls for entrepreneurship. We are proactive and motivated to achieve our objectives. We are not averse to risk, but will never compromise on our reliability, compliance and quality. We take our responsibility for people and the environment very seriously in all of our deliberations and activities.


We are constantly on the lookout for new applications. Innovation, research and collaboration with ambitious partners, both within and outside the chain, lead to surprising techniques and product/market combinations. Take, for example, the use of lime pellets in glass or even carpet backing, aquafer in pellet form, or a truck that dries its pellet load with the heat of its own engine. The possibilities are limitless.


Reliability is in our genes. Naturally, in all of our activities we comply with the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks, even though this is no simple matter, given that in this relatively new professional field the rules are very complex. We keep a close eye on developments, participate in consultations in the name of our participants, and exert influence whenever we can. We work transparently; we do what we say and say what we do.