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Fertilisers and co-digestion

Residuals that are directly or indirectly used as fertilisers must be approved as fertilisers and comply with the requirements of the Fertiliser Law. This includes, for example, limit values for the heavy metal content in fertilisers. Similarly, products intended for use in co-digesters must meet the requirements under the Fertiliser Law if the company wants to use the digestate as a fertiliser.

AquaMinerals supplies lime pellets and lime sludge as liming products, as well as aquafer as a feedstock for co-digesters. The aquafer is used to bind sulphur, which prevents the formation of the dangerous hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas.

Lime pellets are supplied as a lime fertiliser and comply with the requirements applicable to mineral lime fertilisers. AquaMinerals is a registered supplier of lime fertilisers.

Lime sludge and aquafer resulting from drinking water and process water production processes are referred to in annex Aa of the implementation regulations of the Fertiliser Law. This is the list of residuals that may be used as fertilisers or feedstock.

Both lime sludge and aquafer with by-product and waste material status can be used for these purposes. AquaMinerals only supplies by-products, unless otherwise explicitly agreed with the client (e.g., a waste digesting company).