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Under the European REACH regulation (nr. 1907/2006), companies that produce and import chemicals are obligated to identify and manage the risks associated with the substances, and take any necessary risk management measures. Every producer must submit a dossier, for each substance, to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki and register the substance in question. This registration is required for the marketing of a residual as a (by-) product.

AquaMinerals has taken care of the registration of the calcium carbonate and aquafer for all of the Dutch, and some foreign, drinking water companies. We also maintain the dossiers containing the company and safety information.

Here are the ECHA registration numbers for the substances put on the market by Dutch and Flemish drinking water companies:

Lime (CaCO3) Aquafer (Fe2O3.3H2O)
Brabantwater 01-2119486795-18-0058 01-2119457614-35-0034
De Watergroep 01-2119486795-18-0038 01-2119457614-35-0041
Drenthe 01-2119486795-18-0057 01-2119457614-35-0036
Dunea 01-2119486795-18-0041 n/a
Evides 01-2119486795-18-0066 01-2119457614-35-0047
Groningen 01-2119486795-18-0028 01-2119457614-35-0046
North Water n/a 01-2119457614-35-0074
Oasen 01-2119486795-18-0020 01-2119457614-35-0053
Pidpa 01-2119486795-18-0036 01-2119457614-35-0042
PWN 01-2119486795-18-0054 01-2119457614-35-0032
Vitens 01-2119486795-18-0043 01-2119457614-35-0060
Waternet 01-2119486795-18-0084 01-2119457614-35-0057
WML 01-2119486795-18-0085 01-2119457614-35-0056