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‘Dutch Calcite’: pure lime pellets as seeding material

Over the last few years intensive collaboration in the drinking water sector has culminated in a process that is unique in the world: the use of own calcite as seeding material, a process that generates pure, sand-free calcite pellets.

The reuse of this calcite in water softening has been extensively researched, with very positive results. The method is now being implemented at various production sites. The seeding material is made in the Calcite Factory and is subjected to strict hygiene and quality controls.

Several reactors now operate with what we have come to call ‘Dutch Calcite’. This transition is not only beneficial for the softening process, it also involves up to 80% savings in seeding material. Moreover, the sand-free calcite pellets can be used in high-value applications in other economic sectors.

The seeding material is guaranteed to consist of 100% circular material and is available in the most common dimensions.

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