AqM obtains ISO 22000 certificate and can now supply food industry

AquaMinerals and Brabant Water take a next step toward the high-value disposal of calcite pellets: both parties have obtained the ISO 22000 certificate. They took the initiative at the request of regional client, who sees opportunities in the use of ground calcite in the food industry. As far as we know, this is the first time in the world that a residual from the production of drinking water has been certified for use in the food industry.

Although the quality of calcite from drinking water production makes it an excellent alternative to quarry lime, the parties still needed to demonstrate that the food safety hazards are well safeguarded, laws and regulations are fully complied with, and process improvements are being worked on continuously. This has now been done.

Stringent safety and other requirements need to be met to obtain such certification. This is not easy, but Brabant Water already produces very high-quality drinking water every day and is used to meeting the very stringent requirements of the Drinking Water Act. This made a big difference on the path to achieving the certification: the food industry, the certification organisation and the water company understand the importance of hygiene: they ‘speak the same language’. AqM and a number of drinking water companies (Brabant Water, Vitens, WML) had already obtained the GMP+ certificate, which is required to supply the animal feed industry, and has corresponding provisions for (animal) food safety. This experience meant that the collaboration proceeded remarkably smoothly and quickly.

Now that the certificate has been obtained, we can develop the market further and continue moving toward a more sustainable organisation of our economy and society.