Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (HHNK) Water Authority joins AquaMinerals

Today, Marjan Leijen (Manager, HHNK), Noor Neij (Manager, Water Cycle Department, HHNK) and Olaf van der Kolk (Managing Director, AquaMinerals) signed the accession and supply agreement, which formalises the accession of HHNK to AquaMinerals. They did so completely in style, at a table made from cellulose recovered from wastewater, against a background made from struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate), a valuable material which is also recovered from wastewater. HHNK is thus the third Water Authority to join AquaMinerals.

With its accession to AquaMinerals, HHNK assures itself of the AquaMinerals services in the valorisation of resources recovered from municipal wastewater. Over the last few years, the two parties have collaborated on a contractual basis, but the accession of HHNK to AquaMinerals means that the collaboration will acquire a more sustainable base and become better embedded juridically. HHNK can now draw on the knowledge that AquaMinerals has built up over the last years in the name of and for the drinking water companies – for example, in the areas of contracting, legal and regulation frameworks, and product responsibility. This is required knowledge in the valorisation of residuals, knowledge that HHNK does not have, or has to a lesser degree.

For AquaMinerals, the accession of HHNK means that – in the name of and for its participants – it will hold an even stronger position in the valorisation and recovery of resources from the municipal wastewater chain. The joint action with other Water Authorities will boost purchasing, sales, innovation/research and lobbying powers. AquaMinerals is convinced that this accession will lead to even more new, compelling and circular resource chains, and welcomes HHNK to the collective!