Lime pellets
Lime pellets
Iron pellets
Iron pellets

Lime Pellets

Lime pellets are a residual of the drinking water softening process. They are round, measure about a millimetre in diameter, and consist primarily of calcium carbonate. Their colouration ranges from white to yellowish/blond, and from grey to brown, depending on the location.

Seeding Material

The softening process involves the use of a seed material, measuring 0.2-0.6 mm, upon which the calcite crystallises to eventually form a lime pellet. This seed can consist of river sand, garnet sand or calcite. The pellet’s nucleus can therefore be made of one of these three materials, and accounts for 3-4% m/m. Naturally, if the seed is made of calcite then the lime pellet can be considered ‘pure’.

Ferric (hydr)oxide

Ferric (hydr)oxide is a suspension of aquafer that results from the process of iron removal from groundwater and coagulation of surface water. As a rule, we distinguish between liquid aquafer (dry-matter content of 8-12%) and dewatered aquafer (dry-matter content of 30-40%).

Iron Pellets

Aquafer is also available in pellet or granulate form. The iron is a suspension of ferric (hydr)oxide that results from the process of iron-removal from groundwater. The pellets/granulates are made by adding CMC, drying the sludge and then transforming it into pellets/granulates. The pellets measure 1-4 mm, are red-brown in colour and have a minimum dry-matter content of 95%.

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