Welcome Hoogheemraadschap Van Delfland!

On 1 July 2022 Van Delfland joined the AquaMinerals collective as the sixth Water Authority

Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland aims to be completely climate-neutral and circular by 2050. The Water Authority has already made good progress in this direction, for instance, by cutting its own energy consumption, bringing down its CO2 emissions and supplying green energy. Van Delfland treatment plants are the biggest green gas suppliers in the region.

At its Houtrust plant, it liquifies CO2 and supplies it to greenhouse horticulture. The Water Authority also extracts valuable raw materials like phosphorus, cellulose and natural plastic substitutes, from its wastewater.

Delfland sees AquaMinerals as an organisation that can build the bridge for it between the production of these materials and (their sale on) the market. AquaMinerals has the competencies in-house that the Water Authority does not have, or has to a lesser degree, but which perfectly satisfy what is needed to develop and maintain new chains.

Water Authority Chair Ruud Egas is pleased with this step: ‘I expect that the partnership with AquaMinerals will not only produce benefits for Delfland, but also strengthen our sector’s collective power of innovation.’