AquaMinerals supports children in the Ivory Coast by partnering with UNICEF in the construction of schools using recycled building materials

AquaMinerals has joined UNICEF Business Buddies and is supporting the innovative project Plastic Bricks. By recycling plastic, building blocks for classrooms are created. The Plastic Bricks project has a dual purpose: promoting education for more children in the Ivory Coast and addressing the country’s growing waste problem. The capital city, Abidjan, produces a staggering 288,000 kilograms of plastic waste every day. UNICEF recycles a portion of this waste into plastic building blocks, which are used to construct school classrooms. Currently, 1.6 million children in the Ivory Coast are not attending school, and thanks to AquaMinerals’ contribution, more children can now receive an education.

Joliene Heimgartner from UNICEF Netherlands is delighted with the partnership, stating, “We are incredibly pleased with this contribution. Thanks to the support of Dutch companies like AquaMinerals, we can ensure that more children in the Ivory Coast can go to school while simultaneously addressing other issues in the country.”

The partnership between AquaMinerals and UNICEF is a perfect match, according to Olaf van der Kolk. AquaMinerals sees the conversion of waste into useful building materials as a positive step towards a more sustainable world. The development of children is a societal priority and moral obligation. And from a sustainability perspective, with education and development, these children will contribute to a greener future. Through this collaboration, AquaMinerals joins a major organization that helps children worldwide.

UNICEF Business Buddies is a concept that connects companies with the work of UNICEF. Joliene Heimgartner invites all companies, big and small, to join UNICEF and make a difference in the lives of children around the world.

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