2022, a year full of challenges!

We proudly present our annual report for 2022.

In a year filled with challenges, we have been busy finding innovative solutions for the present and the future. Despite turbulence in the energy market, resource shortages, and the constraints of the pandemic, AquaMinerals has proven to play a crucial role in ensuring resource security and reducing climate impact.

New participants

An important milestone was reached with the addition of three new participants: Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland, Water Authority De Dommel, and Limburg Water Authority Company. This collaboration not only strengthens AquaMinerals’ position in terms of procurement, sales, and innovation but also opens the door to new possibilities, such as utilizing CO₂ and dried sludge as valuable resources. Although fewer residual materials were disposed of in 2022, AquaMinerals still achieved an increase in climate benefits. Through more efficient transport and repurposing sewage sludge for energy generation, a positive contribution was made to reducing CO₂ emissions and promoting sustainability in the sector.

A significant development in 2022 was the collaboration with Omlab to develop a revolutionary 3D printing paste. This paste, made from ground calcite, Kaumera, and cellulose, offers new possibilities for creating sustainable products. René de Lincel from PWN won the competition with an innovative idea to protect endangered house martins by 3D printing swallow nests using the paste. This project showcases the power of circular applications and the reuse of valuable residual materials.

To raise awareness among the general public about the possibilities of the water chain, AquaMinerals joined forces with the Energy and Resources Factory to develop a circular beer called “Ontboezeming” (Unburdening). This statement beer illustrates what can already be recovered and applied from the water chain and serves as inspiration for further sustainable initiatives.

Furthermore, AquaMinerals expanded its Water Authorities 2030 Roadmap in collaboration with its participants. This roadmap, with an implementation program for 2022-2024, focuses on professionalization, developing circular chains, and creating value. Building broad support and pooling capacity will help AquaMinerals achieve collective ambitions and increase long-term impact.

With a determination to ensure continuity and long-term goals, AquaMinerals, together with its participants, has proven to be a frontrunner in the transition to a circular economy. In a time of change and challenges, it has been demonstrated that sustainable water management and innovation can go hand in hand, and that every step counts in realizing a greener future.