Water Authority Brabantse Delta joins AquaMinerals to strengthen circular goals

As of July 1, 2023, Water Authority Brabantse Delta became a shareholder in AquaMinerals. The water board aims to achieve greater scale, deployment, knowledge, and expertise in developing markets and value chains related to raw materials from wastewater, in order to realize their sustainability goals.

Joining AquaMinerals is seen as the most suitable way to organize this boost. With this move, the water Authority not only strengthens its own position in terms of sustainability and potential financial benefits, but also that of other shareholder water authorities. In addition to the usual material streams from wastewater, Brabantse Delta is a frontrunner in the extraction of vivianite (iron phosphate) and an important project partner in the ‘HerCauwer’ project. This project utilizes water iron and acid iron salts for phosphate removal, among other purposes.

AquaMinerals focuses on strengthening its position within the water chain. Over the past years, AquaMinerals has executed various projects to develop new chains for water authorities. The collaboration with the network organization Energy and Resources Factory (EFGF) of the water authorities has also been strengthened, and already 8 water authorities have joined as shareholders.

AquaMinerals has been responsible for product and market development for all water authorities for over 3 years. By joining forces, Brabantse Delta and AquaMinerals aim to have a sufficient mass of residual and recovered materials to operate effectively in the market and fulfill their ambitions in terms of sustainability, circularity, and valorization. With its entry into AquaMinerals, Brabantse Delta takes an important step towards strengthening the circular economy and promoting sustainable water management.