KWR Water Research Institute, AquaMinerals and Wateropleidingen continue partnership in Nieuwegein

KWR Water Research Institute, AquaMinerals and Wateropleidingen (Foundation for Water Education) have signed a renewal of their rental agreement in Nieuwegein. The organisations will remain accommodated in the same building on the Groningenhaven in Nieuwegein at least until the end of 2026. With this extension, the organisations also continue their strategic partnership. The building is a meeting space for collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation, activities in which the three parties regularly engage in with each other.

The renewal of the rental agreement and of the partnership was sealed during a festive gathering. The organisations’ management teams were in attendance and the directors explained their decision:

Dragan Savic (KWR): ‘I am very happy about the collaboration with AquaMinerals and Wateropleidingen as it allows for the combining of unique strengths and expertise of the companies, leading to greater success and innovation in circular economy for the water sector.’

Olaf van der Kolk (AquaMinerals): ‘I am pleased that we will be staying in this building for the next three years. Not only is it a fine and beautiful building, but sharing the same premises with KWR and Wateropleidingen brings with it great added value for AquaMinerals. Through our networks, knowledge and collaboration we reinforce each other’s efforts in achieving our objectives.’

Gabriëlle Knufman (Wateropleidingen): ‘As Wateropleidingen, we look forward to continuing and further extending the strategic collaboration with our partners KWR and AquaMinerals. Sharing the same building means that the distances are short, so we can easily find and strengthen each other. This allows us to serve the water sector even better.’